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Completed projects

      CLDS completed these projects so far:

 Training of the staff of Commission for Protection of Competition
Mapping of Social Welfare Services at the local level
Civil Society for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption
 Policies for Increasing Employment and Workforce Competitiveness
 Increasing Private Domestic Saving for Serbia's Economic Growth
Farmers' Pension Insurance
 Corporate Governance: Five Years Later
 Reforms in Serbia: Achievements and Challenges
 Pension Insturance Capitalisation in Serbia
 Greenfield Investments in Serbia

 The Reform of Land Development Fee in Serbia
 Assesment of the effects of the changes in the property transfer tax
            and compenstation of the municipal budgets

 Corruption in Serbia Five Years Later
 The Urban-Land Privatisation is Serbia
 The Reform of Urban Land Finances
 Local Economic Development - City Managers' Training  
 Four Years of Transition in Serbia
Strategic Governance in Serbia: Policy Coordination and Policy Advice
Local Public Finances (pdf)  
Employment Growth Forum - Key Steps and Obstacles
Institution Capacity Building of the Serbian Assembly

Taxation Reform (2)
Ethics of Public Speech in Media and Politics
New Law on Judicial Enforcement Procedure
Corruption in Judiciary
Taxation Reform (1)
Serbia - Regional State
Transportation Economic Policies for Serbia
Prism - monthly political analysis
Poverty and Reform of Financial Suport to the Poor
Improving Corporate Governance in Serbia
Consensus Building in Serbia: Communicating the Reform
Parlamentary Control of the Executive Government
Public Debates on Institutional Reforms
New Competition Policy: A Reccomentation
 Combatting Corruption in Customs Administration
Competition Policy: Existing Market Strutctures and Institutions
Poverty in Serbia and Reform of the Governmental Support to the Poor
Radio PreSentatoin of Liberal Scholars
Education of Local Authorities in Small Municipalities
Education of Advisory Boards in Local Communities
Corruption in Serbia
Sumer School - Democracy and Economy: a Public Choice Approach
The School of Liberalsm: Freedom and Developoment
Strategy of the Serbian Labour Market Reform (with Economc Institute)
Union of Serbia and Montenegro
The New Model of Privatization in Serbia
Education of Democratic Political Candidates for Local Government
Elections in Serbia 2000
Hamlet - a Post-Election Control
Level of Integraton of Roma in the City of Smederevska Palanka
NGO Radio - Smederevska Palanka
Citizens Education for Participation in Local Government
Forum of Candidates for Local Parliaments
"Get out to vote" Campaing in Smederevska Palanka for 2000 Presidential and Local Elections